Vidéo à venir !!

Le « teaser » de la vidéo réalisée par le célèbre youtuber Iplay4you, que j’ai eu le plaisir d’emmener, avec son matériel de détection (!!), à la conquête d’un sommet pyrénéen il y a deux semaines. La vidéo sortira d’ici la fin du mois !!


4 réponses sur “Vidéo à venir !!”

    1. Thank you Aidy, I really enjoyed writing this article for MV, there are probably quite a few things I forgot to mention and the pics were all taken with my previous camera, but I am happy that people enjoyed the reading. The next blog article is on the way, about a walk I had in Ireland this time 😉 Looking forward to being able to share the video as well !!

      1. Photos were great David, and the similarities in terrain at times with the Irish mountains was striking. They definitely look like a more serious proposition than our smaller mountains though!

        1. It definitely is another dimension, but the good trails make for a much easier, if often longer, approach to the summits. Some of the closer (more northerly) ridges do offer a similar profile as what you would find in Ireland, a ca. 500-800m initial climb followed by a very enjoyable ridge walk joining several summits.

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